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IAVA | June 2, 2016

Read: Daily Defend the GI Bill Update for June 1

On June 1, 1812, President Madison asked Congress to declare war on the United Kingdom and in 1974 the Heimlich maneuver was published in Emergency Medicine. Just days ago Dr. Heimlich used his maneuver to save a women in his senior residence. At age 96, it was the first time he’d ever done it. It’s unlikely that swift abdominal thrusts will save the Post-9/11 GI Bill from the threat of proposed congressional cuts. Only our advocacy will. A few highlights from yesterday:

Advocacy Team: 

  • Set-up Capitol Hill office meeting with a prominent Republican Senator.
  • Followed up with Senate staffers to answer questions on our Defend The GI Bill campaign.

Member Advocacy:

  • 21 grassroots IAVA member messages sent out to Capitol Hill offices yesterday.
  • Defend the GI Bill campaign grassroots IAVA member message total stands at 30,662.
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