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“Working with such dedicated, earnest individuals gave me a sense of pride and fulfillment, as well as a continued appreciation of what it means to be a veteran. Once again I got to stand with my brothers and sisters in arms and make a difference.”

—Bobby Yen

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Join An IAVA Leadership Team

We have active member leaders across the country who are building IAVA teams in their communities. Email us at to see if there’s a local leader near you!

Host a VetTogether

We’d love to help you host a VetTogether near you! For more info and to sign up, visit our VetTogether page.

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For extra benefits and membership to myIAVA, IAVA's trusted community, upload your DD214 or another official document confirming your deployment to a Post 9/11 combat zone.

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“This program is for veterans that want to be more than just a member; it gives them an identity and allows them to have a voice in their local community, with a national organization behind them. It’s for those with the same mindset of making life better for other veterans and helping those that need it.”

— Steven Padilla
Squad Leader
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“I finally feel like I have a purpose again. I’m doing something bigger than myself and it feels like home. It also allows me to show those that transition after me that you can have that camaraderie and continued service no matter where you are”

— Sara Poquette
Local Leader

“The opportunity to bring IAVA to local veterans and supporters; and personalize what the organization does for Post 9/11 vets and families is the primary reason I wanted to be a Squad Leader. I believe providing a local human contact in addition to the website and social media is important to ensuring the longevity and continuing effectiveness of IAVA to make a positive impact for veterans at the national, state, and local level.”

— David Dickerson
Squad Leader

“I truly believe that one of our generation’s biggest struggles is connecting with other veterans and I feel that IAVA is committed to help us connect, advocate, and protect each other moving forward.”

— Art Davis
Local Leader