IAVA’s Action Plan for New York City’s Veterans

With more than 230,000 veterans living in the city, New York is in a unique position to become a municipal leader on veterans’ issues. On December 10, 2015, after a two-year battle with Mayor Bill de Blasio, the future for veterans in New York City changed forever with the signing of bill 314-A into law, establishing a permanent city Department of Veteran Services. The creation of this department was first presented to Mayor de Blasio by IAVA in October 2014 as part of a comprehensive set of policy recommendations for New York City’s veterans.


Over the past two years – and in spite of continued opposition from the Mayor and NYC Veterans Affairs Commissioner Loree Sutton – IAVA remained committed to ensuring NYC veterans received the care and support they earned and deserve.

The establishment of a NYC Department of Veteran Services was a great first step and now we will continue the fight to create a model support system for every city around the nation to follow. This includes:

Increasing the budget for veterans’ programs in every city

  • NYC’s Department of Veteran Services must be appropriately funded annually at $100 million to support the city’s 230,000 veterans and their families. The veterans community fought long and hard for a permanent department that would forever be a resource for veterans in need.

Presenting a holistic plan for NYC’s veterans

  • The de Blasio Administration has yet to present a comprehensive plan for our veterans. The piecemeal approach currently in place to address vital veteran needs like unemployment, homelessness and mental health care doesn’t work and isn’t effective.
  • The Mayor needs to champion a plan that: helps combat veteran suicide and support mental health initiatives; strengthens the city’s government for today’s veterans; defends military and veteran education benefits; better employs the New Greatest Generation of veterans; and increases support for veterans and their families.
  • A good starting point for all of these issues is IAVA’s policy recommendations for New York City veterans.

Want to help fight for NYC’s veterans? Join IAVA at iava.org/#join. Membership is free and open to all veterans and civilian supporters. 


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