RRRP Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement

Services: IAVA’s Rapid Response Referral Program (RRRP) is a referral service with an intensive remote case management component. We provide support and help connect veterans and family members with resources via e-mail and phone. For more information, please click here.

Confidentiality/Client Rights: We abide by the laws and ethical principles that govern privilege and confidentiality. We provide services via e-mail and phone and although we will do our best to safeguard information, there are limitations and risks associated with such services. We will not discuss any information about you with anyone without your written permission by way of a signed Release of Information. There are some exceptions to this standard:

  • All of your responses are confidential unless there is an indication that you are at risk to yourself or someone else.
  • We are legally required to report suspicions of ongoing child, elder and disabled person abuse.
  • We may have to release your records when ordered to do so by court subpoena. However, we will discuss this with you beforehand and request a written release of information from you, if we judge this to be in your best interest.

Social Media: IAVA has an online presence and RRRP’s case managers will not accept friend requests from clients, past or present, on all online and social media platforms, including LinkedIn.