Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Responds to State of the Union Comments on Issues Important to Veterans

New York City, NY – Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) held a Facebook Live event on Wednesday responding to the President’s discussion of military and veteran issues during his State of the Union Speech.

“There was a good amount of military and veteran-related content in the President’s State of the Union Speech, and we were thrilled to see many military guests invited to see the Commander in Chief,” said Jeremy Butler, CEO of IAVA. “However, we would have preferred to hear a more in-depth discussion of the Administration’s efforts to end military and veteran suicide, support for passage of the Commander John Scott Hannon Veterans Mental Health Care Improvement Act of 2019, and an explanation of the strategy for US military involvement in the Middle East.”

“We encourage active military, veterans, and military families to join us in Washington, DC on March 2-6 for our Storm the Hill event where we will advocate for issues affecting the veteran community,” added Butler.

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