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IAVA & Fine Arts

Lincoln Center

In 2012, IAVA launched a partnership with the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, focused on providing exposure to arts and culture programming to post-9/11 veterans. One of the first programs to bridge the military and fine arts communities, this new initiative became the foundation for what would be IAVA’s Fine Arts Programs. Since then, IAVA has worked with other leading institutions to connect veterans to unique experiences and opportunities in an effort to strengthen and remind the American public of the longstanding connection between the military, veterans, and the arts. Building on the work of trailblazers ranging from Bob Hope to the USO, IAVA partners with top-tier institutions to continue bridging the civilian-military divide, to help new veterans to reconnect with their families and their communities, and to encourage Americans across the country to support and engage with veterans in these industries and opportunities.

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IAVA & Music

  OAR          Linkin Park

Since long before John Philip Sousa’s military marches, music has always had a strong connection to the military and veteran community. And IAVA is proud to continue that tradition by partnering with musicians and organizations committed to supporting post-9/11 veterans. Recognizing music’s ability to speak to experiences that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to communicate and to bring communities together, IAVA has built Music Programs based on the therapeutic and energizing qualities of music — and what that can do to support veterans returning home. Whether through donating tickets to concerts, providing space and opportunities for IAVA to spread its message through grassroots organizing and fundraising, or amplifying IAVA’s message in stadiums, social media, fan bases, and more, IAVA’s Music Programs partners are committed to supporting new veterans in their transition home.

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IAVA & Sports

IAVA Sports

Few things bring communities together more than sports. And IAVA has a long history of partnering with leagues, teams, and athletes across the country to unite, connect, and empower veterans nationwide. Since 2004, more than 12,000 IAVA member veterans and their families have participated in one of IAVA’s Sports Programs. Whether attending the Super Bowl, being recognized on the Jumbotron alongside 1,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, throwing the first pitch on the 4th of July, or sitting pit-side at NASCAR, IAVA member veterans have shown the country that they are the one team that all Americans can get behind. Like all IAVA programs, tickets and access to Sports Programs opportunities are 100% free of charge and are designed to unite communities, promote patriotism, support active lifestyles, fundraise for IAVA’s programs, and help bridge the civilian-military divide.

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