New Administration and 115th Congress Dashboard

Following the beginning of the Trump administration and the 115th Congress, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the nation’s first and largest nonpartisan organization for post-9/11 veterans, again calls on leaders in Washington to outline concrete agendas to address the most urgent issues impacting America’s veterans and their families. IAVA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization and does not endorse political candidates of any party. However, our team regularly attends events sponsored by both parties with the goal of encouraging officials and candidates to discuss and support veterans priorities in a bipartisan fashion.

The military and veterans’ communities are traditionally a powerful constituency at the polls. According to IAVA’s recent membership survey, 93 percent of IAVA members are registered to vote. As the country’s leading, nonpartisan veteran service organization, IAVA calls on all leaders from both sides of the aisle to adopt four crucial measures to support America’s veterans and their families:

Reform Government for Today’s Veterans
Fully Recognize and Improve Services for Women Veterans
Defend Veteran and Military Education Benefits
Continue to Combat Suicide Among Troops and Veterans

For complete policy recommendations, read IAVA’s Policy Agenda.

On January 20, 2017, the administration will transition to President-elect Donald J Trump and a newly appointed cabinet. For the military and veteran community, we will be closely watching those nominated to lead the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Defense and the Services.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Dr. David Shulkin, Hearing Date: TBD
Secretary of Defense: General James Mattis, Hearing Date: January 12, 2017
Secretary of the Army: Vincent Viola, Hearing Date: TBD
Secretary of the Navy: Philip Bilden, Hearing Date: TBD
Secretary of the Air Force: Heather Wilson, Hearing Date: TBD

On the campaign trail candidate Trump pledged to make veterans a priority in his administration and put forward a 10-point plan. IAVA has reviewed and rated his plans based on our own Policy Agenda and Member Survey. IAVA may adjust the levels of support or opposition on these policy positions as they are further developed. We look forward to working with the Trump Administration on issues that are critical to post-9/11 veterans.


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Post-9/11 Veterans in Congress: Many post-9/11 veterans have been elected to Congress in recent years, and while we are pleased that members of our community are now serving on Capitol Hill in greater numbers, simple representation is not enough. We intend to hold elected officials from our community accountable to issues important to post-9/11 veterans. This list includes post-9/11 veterans who are Members of the 115th Congress (2017-2018). If they represent you, we urge you to inform them of the IAVA priorities important to you. You can find your representative by entering your zip code here.

IAVA ensures the needs and concerns of veterans are heard by politicians and public officials. This historic forum is just one example of how IAVA uses its influence to amplify veteran voices. Support IAVA’s advocacy programs by making a donation today!