IAVA Supported Legislation

The following is a list of IAVA-supported legislation in the 116th Congress. For any questions or inquiries on legislative matters please call our Washington, DC office at (202) 544-7692. Click here for our supported legislation from the 115th Congress. Click here for a list of IAVA Testimonies.

Campaign to Combat Suicide among Troops and Veterans

  • Commander John Scott Hannon Veterans Mental Health Care Improvement Act (S. 785)
  • Vet Center Eligibility Expansion Act (H.R. 1812)
  • Veterans Posttraumatic Growth Act (H.R. 1997)
  • Veteran Overmedication and Suicide Prevention Act (H.R. 100)
  • Veterans’ Care Quality Transparency Act (H.R. 2372)
  • Support for Suicide Prevention Coordinators Act (H.R. 2333)


  • The Deborah Sampson Act (S. 514)
  • Veterans’ Access to Child Care Act (H.R. 840)

#BurnPits & Other Toxic Exposures:

  • Burn Pits Accountability Act (S. 191 / H.R. 663)
  • Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act (H.R. 299)
  • Burn Pit Registry Enhancement Act (H.R. 1381)
  • Never Forget the Heroes: Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act (S. 546/H.R. 1327)


Government Reform:

    • Homeless Veterans Families Act (H.R. 95)
    • Honoring American Veterans in Extreme Need (HAVEN) Act (S. 679)
    • Reserve Component Employer Incentive, Compensation, and Relief Act (H.R. 801)
    • Veterans Debt Fairness Act (S. 805)
    • Boosting Rates of American Veteran Employment (BRAVE) Act (H.R. 2109)
    • Whole Veteran Act (H.R. 2359)

Promote Equality for Troops and Servicemembers

  • Expressing Opposition to Banning Service in the Armed Forces by Openly Transgender Individuals (H. Res. 124)

Supported Through The Military Coalition:

  • World War I Valor Medal Review Act (S. 1218)
  • Servicemember Retirement Improvement Act (H.R. 905)