IAVA is Featured at the NTEN Technology Conference

IAVA is a small nonprofit with a humble operating budget. In order to get the biggest bangs for our meager bucks we must take maximum advantage of technology. We’re lucky in the sense that today the internet and many great tools allow us to organize and connect with our national membership in ways that would have been impossible 10 years ago.

Since our beginning, online platforms have been central to our outreach, and we’ve grown steadily. From the myspace page Paul started 11 years ago to the full suite of online products we have today, IAVA has always been using technology to extend our reach, get the word out about the most important issues and connect with members old and new.

Now, with our innovative use of Salesforce, Salesforce Communities, and web properties, we’re delivering more value than ever and streamlining the user experience for both members and staff, so we can think less about the technology and more about the jobs at hand.

On March 25th, Sam Dorman, our longtime digital strategist and I presented at the NTEN Technology Conference in San Jose, CA. Our talk, entitled “Finally, a model for delivering technology in nonprofits that works” discussed IAVA’s groundbreaking approach to delivering technology in a small, resource constrained environment. The fact is, the landscape of digital tools has completely changed over the last several years and continues to change. New opportunities and new efficiencies are out there, but the challenges and pitfalls are just as plentiful. IAVA’s model, by creating a Digital Products Division, seeks to rethink the division of labor in an world where every staff-member needs to be technically proficient. “The Tech Guy Isn’t a Thing Anymore”. For us to be effective, we are, effectively, a tech company. How can we be as smart as possible in order to take advantage of the new opportunities, while avoiding the traps that are all too common?

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