myIAVA Terms of Use

General Guidelines:

  • You alone are responsible for the content that is posted from your account.
  • myIAVA is a private and secure community.
  • Group posts should be for the good of the community and not be used in a self-serving or self-promoting fashion

Rights and Responsibilities:

It is not our intent to limit the conversations on myIAVA, but we reserve the right to edit, at any time, the policies we have established.

If you have any questions about these policies you can contact the Community Manager at

IAVA makes the following commitment to you:

  • We will not share your postings with anyone outside the community without your prior consent
  • We will not share your information with any third party
  • We will not allow other organizations to solicit information or money from community members from within the community

In order to sustain a vibrant community that lives up to its purpose we request the following commitments:

  • You will not make disparaging statements about the service of other members of the community.
  • You will not post fundraisers for other organizations and/or individuals
  • You will not share other members’ postings or personal information outside of the community without their explicit permission
  • You will not post or send personal messages that are threatening, harassing, hateful, discriminatory, obscene or in violation of relevant laws
  • You will not post anything that deliberately defrauds, deceives or misleads other community members
  • You will not SPAM other members or post SPAM to the forums
  • You will not post anything that is purely commercial in nature
  • You will not use any postings on myIAVA for anything other than it’s intended purpose
  • You will not allow anyone to post from your account that is not a confirmed member of myIAVA
  • You will not post on behalf of a suspended or banned member

Violation of these commitments can result in posts being removed, suspension of an offending account or, in some instances, revocation of a community membership. Violation will be determined by the Community Manager in the spirit of IAVA’s Mission Statement and the purpose of myIAVA.

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