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The Federal Government is Making Cannabis Treatment for Veterans Hard to Find

“Help us fight for change and ensure the federal government provides #CannabisForVets by spreading the word.”

Join Us In Our Mission In Advocating For #CannabisForVets

Medical cannabis has been shown to help in the treatment of PTSD and other injuries. However, veterans are denied access to it. Help us fight for change and ensure the federal government can provide #CannabisForVets.

The Facts

Veterans consistently and passionately have communicated that cannabis offers effective help in tackling some of the most pressing injuries we face when returning from war.

In our latest Member Survey, only 15% opposed legalization for medical use. Across party lines, medical cannabis is largely unopposed. Yet our national policies are outdated, research is lacking, and stigma persists.

In 2018, IAVA members will set out to change that and launch a national conversation underscoring the need for bipartisan, data-based, common-sense solutions. Those solutions must include the approval of medical cannabis for every veteran in America who needs it.

Most recently, IAVA supported the introduction of the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act (S. 2796/H.R. 5520), which authorizes the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to conduct research into the safety and effectiveness of medical cannabis as a treatment for veterans with chronic pain, PTSD, and other conditions. This would be the first cannabis-related bill in history to impact the VA—and will be critical to mainstream approval. The bill is also among IAVA’s Big Six Advocacy priorities for 2018 and now has 6 Senate and 56 House cosponsors and counting.

Learn more about IAVA’s critical 2018 initiatives that push for veteran medical cannabis reform and see our Washington Post print ad that launched the #CannabisForVets campaign.

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