Zadroga Adds New Cosponsors, But Needs More Leadership

The Zadroga Act now has a total of 261 cosponsors in the House and 67 cosponsors in the Senate with today’s addition of Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) and Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), respectively.

Today, IAVA’s legislative team continued its drive on the Hill with meetings conducted with the offices of Rep. Weber and Rep. Meadows. Both meetings went well and IAVA will continue to follow-up with these offices to reiterate the need for immediate support on this issue.

Given the political games played earlier this week, which left Zadroga out of the Transportation bill, leadership in the House and the Senate must restore trust by guaranteeing Zadroga’s inclusion in the spending omnibus. IAVA is also looking to leadership within the Veterans Affairs committees, Chairman Miller and Chairman Isakson, to support this bill as neither have signed on as cosponsors. The support is there, the need is obvious and now first responders and IAVA are looking to leadership to do what’s right.

The legislative team will continue the fight next week with several meetings across Capitol Hill already scheduled.

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