Weekly RRRP Round-up September 13

IAVA’s Rapid Response Referral Program (RRRP) works with veterans and families across the nation providing critical support, guidance and connections to on the ground resources. RRRP is staffed by masters-level case managers that work on the front lines every single day, ensuring our nation’s heroes and their families have the support they need and have earned. To date, RRRP has connected over 9,500 veterans and family members to more than 11,900 resources.

It’s been an incredibly busy week, as veteran needs remain high. RRRP continues to provide top notch services to clients, engage in advocacy work for our community and ensure that the impact of our work is heard:

  • 2019 YTD RRRP Impact Metrics: Served 483 clients and provided 941 referrals. Connected 60 veterans to the Veterans Crisis Line. Connected 129 veterans who were homeless or at-risk of homelessness with housing resources and financial assistance. Supported 78 female veterans and 43 family members.

  • Client Quote of the Week: “My case manager was very nice, and very helpful with resources. He provided great referrals. I was very happy with his assistance.” Learn more by checking out RRRP’s latest Weekly Impact Report.

  • IAVA’s Senior Manager, Client Services wrote a blog related to IAVA’s Big 6 Priorities. Click here to learn more about how focusing on transition can curb veteran suicide.


  • IAVA’s Manager, Client Services attended the 2019 New York VA Mental Health Summit “Improving the Mental Health of Veterans and Their Family Members” on 9/12. This 7th Annual Community Mental Health Summit provided an opportunity to network and learn how to enhance the mental health and well-being of Veterans and their family members through increased collaboration with the VA.

IAVA’s Rapid Response Referral Program (RRRP) is here for any veteran or family member that is in need of support. Reach out to us today. Visit our FAQ page for more information.

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