Victory Motorcycles Auctions Gorgeous 2017 Gunner to Support IAVA


At its core, the Victory Gunner motorcycle is all about stripping the joy of a bike down to its essential elements—what is real and meaningful. That makes the Gunner not only a thrilling and stylish ride, but the perfect auction item for the charity auction to support Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). The 2017 Victory Gunner is now up for bid on eBay until July 11, with all proceeds going to support IAVA.

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The launch of the auction coincides with the July 4th weekend, the time when Americans celebrate our country’s independence and all it represents. Since 2004, IAVA has honored the sacrifice of men and women who serve, by providing veterans with crucial resources and services to transition back to civilian life. IAVA connects veterans with one another, empowers them through leadership development, education, and employment programs, and provides transition assistance to those who are struggling.


The Fourth of July is also the birthday for Victory Motorcycles. The company’s first production model was made on Independence Day in 1998.  It’s no surprise that nearly 30 percent of Victory Motorcycle owners are either veterans or have military connection. Over the years, Victory has raised more than $430,000 to support IAVA.

The Gunner is quickly becoming an icon of modern American muscle. Cycle World called it “one of the most aesthetically elegant, quietly sexy cruisers on the market today.” Technically, the Gunner is a Cruiser, because it has no fairing or windshield—as opposed to fully loaded Touring bikes, or Baggers that come with saddlebags as standard equipment.


The Gunner’s style is perhaps best described as a “bobber.” That’s a style of custom motorcycle that commonly removes excess bodywork and any superfluous weight—in order to create a higher and more thrilling power-to-weight ratio. And there’s no shortage of power on the 650-pound Gunner. The grunt comes from the Victory Freedom 106/6 V-Twin with fuel injection, delivering 110 pound-feet of torque.

The low seat height, great balance, and low center of gravity makes the Gunner a bike a wide range of riders can handle and truly enjoy, including smaller or shorter riders.


The no-frills approach has at least three other advantages. First of all, it’s gorgeous in a badass way. called the Gunner “a stylish and capable cruiser with tons of attitude.” Secondly, the simplicity keeps the cost down to make the motorcycle affordable. The starting bid on the Gunner is $14,500.

Finally, the bobber leaves plenty of room for your own creative expression via customization and modifications. It starts with a fantastic foundation: a low-slung solo seat, blacked-out components, frame and engine layout, and 24-spoke cast aluminum wheels. A large collection of Victory accessories are available for the Gunner—all engineered right with the bike, so they install properly, fit great, and deliver outstanding performance. A Gunner can easily be equipped with comfort accessories, such as two-up seating, windshields of various heights, driver floorboards to replace the stock foot pegs, and various carry cargo, covers, grips and controls.

Other items in the auction include a Victory Cross Country side cover signed by legendary custom builders Arlen Ness, his son Cory Ness, and Cory’s son Zach Ness. The three also signed a copy of the book, Arlen Ness: The King of Choppers. The book is by Arlen and photographer Michael Lichter. That’s not all. The auction also includes Victory collectibles—a wallet and some apparel—signed by R. Lee Ermey, the actor best known for his role as Gunny Hartman, the authoritative sergeant in Full Metal Jacket, the Stanley Kubrick classic film. Ermey is a Victory rider and evangelist.

When you’re celebrating American Independence Day this year, think of two things: how much our veterans deserve our gratitude and support—and how much fun you would have riding the 2017 Victory Gunner. Place your bid today.

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