Remote: The Other R in RRRP

Part of what makes IAVA’s Rapid Response Referral Program (RRRP) so effective at meeting the immediate needs of transitioning veterans is the fact that all of our work is done over phone and email. There is no need for an appointment. This method of response creates a low barrier to entry and quicker assistance, meeting you where you are at, literally.


This structure works particularly well with veterans who are struggling with depression and PTSD symptoms where it is sometimes challenging leaving the house for appointments, those in rural areas without tremendous access to on-the-ground resources, those without transportation and with vets with traumatic brain injury (TBI) where organization can be a difficult. Contacting veterans via phone and email also works well for those who are isolated for any other reason.

By reaching out to RRRP you will be connected with a Veteran Transition Manager who is a professional trained in providing assistance and support. For many people, reaching out to RRRP is the fist step in their path towards help. We will help you from there. Simply call 1-855-91-RAPID, email, or visit

We help transitioning veterans receive their benefits.

Help us serve more than 2,000 vets this year