NYC Mayor cuts Dept. of Veterans Services Budget

After a hard fought campaign by IAVA and its partners to create a veterans department within the New York City government, Mayor De Blasio yesterday revealed that he will be cutting the budget of the NYC Department of Veterans Services (DVS).
In December 10, 2015, after a two-year battle with Mayor Bill de Blasio, the future for veterans in New York City changed forever with the signing of bill 314-A into law, establishing a permanent city Department of Veteran Services. The creation of this department was first presented to Mayor de Blasio by IAVA in October 2014 as part of a comprehensive set of policy recommendations for New York City’s veterans. Following the win, IAVA called on other major cities across America to follow NYC’s lead.
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2018 Budget
Mayor DeBlasio announced a plan to increase the city’s budget by a billion dollars, yet decreased funding of the NYC Department of Veterans Services.
Total NYC Expense Budget
FY17: $83.6 billion total
FY18 preliminary: $84.6 billion
DVS Expense Budget
FY 2017: $3,951,780
FY 2018: Preliminary $3,634,742
Difference: -$317,038
The funding decrease was a huge step backwards for New York City as a whole and a major disappointment for the community who fought tirelessly to make the hundreds of thousands of the city’s veterans a priority. IAVA’s push for a New York City Department of Veterans Services was key in creating a model for major cities across the country to replicate to ensure veterans get the support and community care they deserve. The budget cut undermines that work.
For an extensive report on the NYC Department of Veterans Services budget and what specifically will be cut, please see this informative memo from the NYC Veterans Alliance:

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