IAVA to Congress: Oppose Cuts to Post-9/11 GI Bill

Last week, IAVA sent members of the Senate and House Veterans’ Affairs Committees a letter communicating its concern over language in pending veterans legislation that would cut by 50 percent the monthly housing allowance provided to children who will have their veteran parent’s Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits transferred to them. We have since sent every member of Congress a similar message.

Today, that legislation, H.R. 3016, is scheduled to be considered on the House floor. IAVA encourages members to oppose any bill that would cut or reduce the benefits of the Post-­9/11 GI Bill now or in the future.

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More than 928,000 spouses and dependents have used the Post­-9/11 GI Bill to attend school, and more than one million student veterans have used or currently use the benefit. It is undoubtedly the most successful veterans program in American history, and IAVA is joining with other veterans service organization to oppose cuts to this vital program.

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