IAVA’s Program Impact in 2015

IAVA had huge accomplishments in 2015. We reached a record 439,269 veterans nationwide through in-person and online programs — and we did it with fewer resources, while maintaining top ratings from leading nonprofit reporting agencies, GuideStar and Charity Watch. Watch the video recap, and read on for some of the highlights across our program areas.

Membership Engagement and Services:

  • Grew membership by 18%, to more than 185,000 new veteran members and more than 243,000 supporters.
  • 236 of our members hosted 670 VetTogethers nationwide, engaging more than 11,000 veterans and their families.
  • Served our 5,000th Rapid Response Referral Program (RRRP) client, making 2,286 referrals to quality resources.
  • Relaunched NewGIBill.Org and our New GI Bill Calculator, which reached over 60,400 users in its first four months.
  • Piloted an innovative new careers program that will offer personalized career support, at scale.
  • Tripled our tech innovation outputs, while keeping development costs near 2013 levels.
  • Showcased the human cost of the wait to receive VA healthcare through the stories of over 3,000 veterans.
  • Welcomed over 2,000 new users to the beta version of myIAVA, our online social platform for veterans.


Public Awareness:

  • Mentioned in 3,407 original television and print articles, which reached an audience of 435,129,131 and represented $1,206,478 in ad value.
  • Launched the public awareness campaign, “Sometimes Even Heroes Need Help,” in Rockefeller Plaza, which reached 250,000 people per day.
  • Social media followers across platforms increased by 3.5%, to 564,920, and total post impressions increased 64.9% (to 71,518,220).
  • Our signature #VetsRising hashtag campaign made 15.4M impressions during Veterans Week.
  • Trained 60 new veterans as spokespeople, so they can more effectively share their stories and the story of IAVA and our members.



  • Passed the Clay Hunt Act Suicide Prevention for America’s Veterans (SAV) Act (February 2015).
  • Passed the James Zadroga Health Act (December 2015).
  • Established a New York City Department of Veteran Services.
  • Strengthened benefits for veterans in the National Defense Authorization Act, defended the Post-9/11 GI Bill, and supported VA Accountability legislation.

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  • Conducted our 2015 Annual Member Survey, one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys of new veterans.
  • Launched our first ever study of women veterans’ needs and perspectives: 1,500 women participated in the survey and 60 in focus groups in 8 cities.


Read more about IAVA’s awesome program impacts by reading our full 2015 Impact Report, and consider donating to support even bigger impact in 2016.

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