IAVA's 2013

Member Survey

As the nation's first and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, IAVA has a real-time understanding of what our member veterans think, believe and experience. We conduct an annual member survey to dig deep into the challenges and opportunities of their day-to-day lives. Survey responses directly inform our Policy Agenda and organizational priorities, as well as shape our membership activities and partnerships. Our member veterans' answers also allow us to compare their changing needs from year to year, and help to fill gaps in public knowledge about this new generation of veterans.

2013 findings include:


of respondents know an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who has attempted suicide


of respondents or their dependents are either using or have used their GI Bill benefits


of respondents believe that Congress does not listen enough to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans



of respondents believe that the President does not listen enough to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans


of female respondents do not have a positive view of the VA's care and treatment of female veterans


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